Car in Review: Everything you missed Sept. 11-15

When you arrive the first time in Mauritius, you might be faced with a difficult question of what is the best way to travel the whole island without burning a big hole in your pocket as taxis are generally expensive in that country. You may think of traveling by bus but that requires proper knowledge of bus stops and adequate stops in every location you might want to visit. The best options as chosen by lots of people who arrive in Mauritius for a wonderful time are the car rental services in Mauritius. Here's what you need to know if you want to go by car Rental in Mauritius:

International Driver's license:

The first question that might pop up when you are thinking about driving a car is a driving license. You do not necessarily need an international driving license unless you are planning on staying in Mauritius for more than a month. However, you should have your own country's driving license, and it should contain important information such as your local language and Roman letters. Your permit must be at least a year old, and if not, you must carry proof of its renewal.